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Boost your workouts

I reallyyy love them!!! They are great quality and vary from different strengths and the fact that it comes with another longer band makes the workout even better.


Just got these in the mail. I use bands a lot for workouts so I've seen lots of different kinds. These ones are great. I love the big band that comes with it as well. Also most times you get carrying bags that just fall apart the first time you use them, but this one actually looks like good quality.


Package came on time. This band kit is very well-made and it is a great value for your money.


Nice to meet you !

Squeeze bands is a small Canadian company based out of Toronto. Our mission is to design beautiful and high quality workout accessories that will empower you to feel strong, toned and confident. We hope our bands bring joy to your workouts and yoga sessions. Join us in leading your fittest, healthiest, and happiest life!

Free Booty Workout

Lack inspiration or need guidance on how to use the bands? We've got you! Follow along this Youtube video.


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